Hi, I am Richard, owner of the Back Woods Rabbitry. I am a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Assc., Havana Rabbit Breeders, American Himalayan Rabbit Assoc., and the Richmond Rabbit Breeders

My second time around with breeding and showing rabbits. I was active in showing Himalayans in the 1980's and 90's until job requirments took me out of rabbits. In that time spand, I did have several Grand Champions and many BOB and BOS.


 My first year back into showing rabbits, has been a very good year so far (wish I could have made it to a few more shows, maybe next show season) with my Himalayans. I have had 9 BOB, 5 BOS, 1 Best in Show, 1 Best opp in Show and 1 2nd reserve in show. I am now getting the paper work ready to send in for my 4 new Grand Champions. See you on the show tables, Rich

Start of my second year back in showing my Himalayans, has been kind of slow due to lack of condition only 1 BOS to show for in three shows. I hope I can get things going again very soon, at least I do have good company at the shows. My herd has grown to 75 Himmies and I hope to have a few more pictures in my Himalayan page soon.

 Due to the cost of feed, I had to cut my herd back to about 30 rabbits and I plan on keeping at this size. So I should have planty of young Himalayans available this summer and early fall. I do hope to be able to start up again showing in the next month or two.

 Breeding show qaulity Himalyans in black,blue, and chocolate.

 My Blue Himalayan Doe R8 Won Reserve in Show Sep, 10 2011 at the Blue Ridge Rabbit show (show 2)

Blue Himalayan Doe R8 Won 2nd Reserve in show Sep 24, 2011 at the Delmarva Rabbit show (show B)